tail lamp repair parts

If you continue to drive with the tail lamp damaged, you will be penalized for poor maintenance, so it must be repaired immediately. There are various types of tail lamp repair parts depending on the parts and parts to be repaired.

A broken tail lamp is a violation if it is not repaired.

Since trucks travel to and from worksites in a variety of environments, the taillights may be accidentally damaged when unloading or parking. Also, the more often you use your truck, the more likely you are to risk tail lamp failure.

Since the tail lamp is an important safety part that prevents accidents, it is a violation to continue driving while it is broken. The number of violation points is 1 point, and the violation fee is 7,000 yen (9,000 yen for large vehicles), so if you notice a breakdown or damage, take action as soon as possible.

Points to note when purchasing tail lamp repair parts

Repairing the tail lamp often requires replacing it with a special part, so we recommend purchasing at a place that handles as many parts as possible. Repair parts include "lenses", "reflectors", "sockets" and "packings". Since the model number and product code are indicated for each product, be careful not to make a mistake when purchasing.

Yamada Body Works mainly stocks repair parts for tail lamps made by JB (Nippon Body Parts Industry). We also have repair parts for tail lamps made by ICL (currently Isuzu A&S).

Products with repair parts are for tail lamps that are incandescent type and do not have the E mark before the revision of the safety standards in 2012 or 2006. It can be used for repairing tail lamps that have been installed in continuous vehicle inspections before the revision of safety standards. Some repair parts are also available for incandescent tail lamps with an E mark. This tail lamp corresponds to the current safety standards. There are also products that are sold in units of screws and nuts. Please check the parts configuration diagram.

The LED tail lamp has an integrated basic structure that emphasizes waterproofness, and it is not possible to replace individual parts such as lenses. It will be replaced with the tail lamp alone or one side assembly. Only for the ICL tail lamp, it is possible to replace some parts such as the replacement of the rim that covers the light part.

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