Aori balancer

A tilt balancer is a tilt opening and closing auxiliary device manufactured and sold by Takara Sangyo Co., Ltd. By installing a tilt balancer, opening and closing heavy tilts becomes easier.

The tilt balancer can be attached to a wide range of tilts.

There are four main types of tilting materials: aluminum, stainless steel, iron, and wood. In addition, tilting is a long object, so it is troublesome to handle.

The tilt balancer uses the repulsive force of the spring to enable the opening and closing of heavy tilts without straining the driver's arms and waist. Easier opening and closing of the tilt not only improves the work efficiency of the driver, but also prevents accidents when opening and closing the tilt.

The tilt balancer has a lineup that supports tilts of various materials, from small to large vehicles, and can be installed on most vehicles.

When purchasing a tilt balancer, do not forget to measure the tilt size.

Aori Balancer has multiple lineups of main bodies that correspond to body specifications from normal hinges (normal hinges) to reverse hinges. There is also a lineup of 3 types of springs and 1 type of auxiliary spring.

When purchasing the main unit, measure the body specifications of the vehicle you plan to install, the material of the tilt, the height and length, and refer to the selection chart on the website. It is also necessary to select and purchase springs accordingly.

If the body specifications, tilt material, or dimensions are incorrect, the tilt balancer cannot be installed correctly. Also, please note that tilting with a lashing rail increases the moment (the force that lifts the tilting), so the applicable spring may differ.

Also, in order for the tilt balancer to work properly, please ask a professional bodybuilder to install it after purchase.

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