JB cab internal switch UD for Isuzu (4t, large)

If the switch becomes unusable, it may not be possible to carry it, and depending on the mechanism, it may not be possible to run. Have replacement parts ready in case of failure or damage. In this category, we carry in-cab switches suitable for Isuzu's small, medium, and large vehicles and UD Trucks' large (up to 2016) and medium vehicles.

How to choose a switch for Isuzu UD

Isuzu Motors, the number one truck manufacturer in Japan, sells a variety of models, including the large-sized "Giga", the medium-sized "Forward", and the small-sized "Elf". This category of in-cab switches fits all vehicle models.

However, depending on the model year, the shape and type of switch may differ, so please consider that you are targeting vehicles from 2007 onwards when purchasing.

For UD Trucks, the in-cab switch only fits up to the 2016 model year of the large car "Quon". Please note that it does not fit "Perfect Quon" after 2017. The medium-sized "Condor" is manufactured by UD Trucks until 2016, and after 2017, Isuzu's "Forward" OEM and manufacturer are divided, but both models are compatible.

Points to note when purchasing Isuzu UD switches

There are various types of Isuzu and UD Trucks switches, but if you install a different type of switch, it may not work. The basic structure of the switch is that the ON-OFF display is different, but there are also ON-ON and ON-ON staircase types. The ON-OFF and ON-ON contacts are different, so when replacing the switch, be sure to select the same type of switch as the one you removed.

When installing Isuzu and UD Trucks cab switches handled by Yamada Body Works, be sure to use the "cab switch height bracket" together.

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