Shrimp gold handle / Banekan

Spring hooks are also called shrimp gold handles or tilt catches, and are parts that fix the tilt of the truck in a closed state. Since the lock can be easily released by pulling the handle of the spring hook, the tilt can be opened (tilted outward from the cargo bed).

The shape and structure of spring cans

The shape of the spring can has a handle that is gripped when operating, and the other side of the handle is ring-shaped (like a bottle opener) for hooking on the receiver. In the middle part is a spring for fixing when the spring pin is locked.

When you pull the handle of the spring pin in the locked state, the spring contracts and the force is released, so the lock is released and the ring part comes off the spring pin holder (hook part) and the holder. On the other hand, if the ring part is hooked on the spring catch receiver and the handle is returned, the spring will stretch and force will be applied, so there will be no play and the receiver will be locked.

The spring pin spring may become weak or cut, and if it has deteriorated over time, it will need to be replaced.

There are various types of bananas

Spring cans are divided into types such as "round bar type", "ramming type", and "press" depending on the difference in shape. Also, since the size varies depending on the spring can, please select the one that suits the purpose, such as the size of the truck.

Yamada Body Works sells both "round bar type", "hammer type" and "press" spring cans, and there are multiple sizes. There is a short type with a length of 215 mm that can be used for low tilting and storage doors, a spring clip with a length of around 300 mm, and a thick and strong spring hook suitable for heavy tilting, so you can match it with various trucks. You can choose.

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