Various lamps

This is a category that summarizes the lamps necessary for truck transportation, loading and unloading work, such as "vehicle height lights", "interior lights", and "interior lights". Since the lamps that can be installed are limited depending on the vehicle type, we have various types of lamps for each type.

Some truck ramps have safety standards

Since lamps used in trucks are important parts for safety, safety standards are established. For example, in the case of "vehicle height lights", the front is white and the rear is red, and must be ECE certified, unless they are installed as other lights. increase. Also, they must be visible at night from a distance of 300m.

In this way, safety standards are set in detail according to the lamp installation position and purpose, so it is necessary to check when purchasing.

Types of lamps used in trucks

Trucks that are much larger than passenger cars are equipped with lamps in various parts such as the cargo bed and underside of the vehicle to prevent accidents and improve work efficiency.

Specifically, in addition to the "vehicle height lights" introduced earlier, there are "marker lamps" that indicate the size of the truck in the width direction, and "working lamps" that assist loading and unloading at night. In addition, the "back lamp (reversing light)" used when reversing and the "number lamp" that illuminates the license plate are included in important safety parts and must be ECE standard certified products.

Some lamps are illegal if they burn out while driving, so choose a reliable one when purchasing.


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