genuine tilt terminal material

Tilt terminal material is an essential product for cutting and remodeling the tilt of the flat body of the manufacturer's finished vehicle. Yamada Body Works has a wide range of parts that are useful for remodeling tilts.

Aori terminal material is recommended if you want to remodel the tilt

It may be necessary to modify the tilt according to the intended use of the vehicle.

One of them is to divide the tilting of the flat body of the manufacturer's finished car into two and put up the center pillar. By dividing the tilt into two parts, it is possible to divide the cargo into the front and back of the loading platform, open and close only the necessary areas for loading and unloading, and to secure the cargo. In addition, by dividing the heavy tilt, you can easily open and close the tilt.

The parts necessary for splitting and remodeling the tilt are tilt end materials. When cutting a tilt, it is necessary to process the cut surface cleanly.

Also, when mounting a crane or power gate (tail gate) on a flat body of a manufacturer-made vehicle, it is necessary to modify the tilt. Bodywork must be cut to provide space for cranes and gates. In that case, there is a method of reusing the tilt terminal material that was originally attached, but it cannot be removed cleanly even by using a plasma cutting machine.

The parts necessary for body cutting are tilt terminal materials. It saves man-hours to remove the original tilt terminal material, and the bodywork is much cleaner than reusing.

There are different types of Aori terminal materials

There are three types of flat-bodied vehicles manufactured by manufacturers: Hino "Dutro", Isuzu "Elf", and Mitsubishi Fuso "Canter" among small cars. Also, among the Dutro, Elf, and Canter, the thickness of the tilt differs depending on the length of the body. Some models have the same body for Elf and Canter.

Yamada Body Works stocks tilt terminal materials for each manufacturer's vehicle type and tilt thickness, making it possible to support a variety of vehicles.

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