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A truck drain hose is a necessary item to keep your truck bed clean. The drain hose is used to drain out of the bed when cleaning the bed of the truck or when water has accumulated in the bed.

What are the troubles that occur with the drain hose of the truck?

The main trucks that require a drain hose are freezer trucks, refrigerator trucks, and live fish trucks. These trucks handle food and fresh fish, so the bed must be kept clean. In addition, transportation of food and fresh fish produces odors, so cleaning the inside of the refrigerator is essential to ensure that the odor does not remain inside the refrigerator.

Draining hoses for freezer and refrigeration vehicles are designed so that the tip of the hose (the part that comes under the road side) is crushed so that cold air does not easily escape. The reason is that the cold air falls from the top to the bottom. At the time of vehicle inspection, the entrance of the drain hose inside the cabinet must be closed with a plug, so cold air can also be prevented from escaping through this part.

If you use a drain hose, dirt will accumulate inside the hose. This tendency is especially large for drain hoses with a structure where the tip is crushed. If dirt is left unattended, the hose will clog up, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Pay attention to the diameter when choosing a drain hose for your truck

If the drainage hose of the truck is severely clogged or the rubber is torn due to deterioration, replace it with a new drainage hose. When choosing a drain hose, pay attention to the diameter.

There are two types of drain hoses handled by Yamada Body Works.

  • φ32 (diameter 32mm)
  • φ50 (diameter 50 mm)

Before you buy a new one, check the diameter of the drain hose you have been using so that you don't make a mistake. Also, when using a drain hose, you will also need a drain pipe of the corresponding size.

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