fuel tank cock

Trucks with multiple fuel tanks require a "fuel tank cock". Yamada Body Works sells various fuel tank cocks with different thread diameters and pitches.

What is a fuel tank cock?

Large trucks may have multiple fuel tanks, which are connected by hoses. A "fuel tank cock" is attached to the base of the hose, and it is possible to block the path between tanks by closing the cock.

If the truck is moved onto a sloping road after a full tank of fuel, gravity can force fuel into one of the tanks and cause the cap to overflow. After refueling, it is ideal to close the cock and open the cock after the fuel in the main tank (a tank with a pump inside that sends fuel to the engine) is reduced, and let the fuel in the sub-tank flow to the main tank. .

Type of fuel tank cock

There are not many types of fuel tank cocks, but there are cocks with a screw diameter of "12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm" where they connect to the tank. The screw pitch is "1.25" for "fuel cock 12mm short" and "1.5" for other cocks.

In general, the "18mm" fuel tank cock is a product for connecting tanks at the bottom of the fuel tank. It is a short type so that even if the truck bounces, it will not catch the fuel cock. In general, the "16mm" fuel cock is a product for connecting tanks on the side of the fuel tank. Install the fuel cock so that the hose nipple faces the adjacent fuel tank. It is a long type so that the hose nipple does not hit the edge of the tank when installing the cock. If you want to attach the tank cock to the genuine main fuel tank, the short type fuel cock of "12mm / 14mm / 16mm" is installed after connecting the adapter (plug) to the bottom of the fuel tank. .

The edge of the fuel tank is extremely high, such as the Hino genuine main fuel tank. In such a case, connecting the "fuel tank cock adapter 16 x 16 mm" as a spacer allows you to extend it and avoid the deep water. In addition, if connecting the fuel cock with an adapter must be avoided due to reasons such as fuel leakage, we also sell a "Variable Fuel Cock 16mm" that allows you to freely change the direction of the hose nipple.

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