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Yamada bodyworks catalog usage guide
1. Tilt related parts 2. Tool box related parts 3. Chassis related parts 4. Dump parts
5. Doors and Kannon door related parts 6. Fender related parts 7. Various hooks 8. Fuel tank related parts
9. Other bodywork parts 10. Various lamps 11. Tail lamps 12. Cab switches
13. Electrical repair parts 14. Display board 15. Truck supplies and others
Information on dealings with Yamada Body Works

Yamada bodyworks catalog usage guide

  1. P1. How to search for Yamada Bodyworks catalog products using a PC or smartphone
  2. P2.Table of Contents for Yamada Bodyworks Catalog 2019

1. Tilt-related parts

  1. P3. Hinge for aluminum block
  2. P4. Hinge, tilt hinge, hinge pin for aluminum block
  3. P5.Aori hinge pin, wing lock, shrimp gold handle / Banekan
  4. P6. Shrimp gold handle / Banekan
  5. P7. Shrimp gold handle / Banekan / Aori handle, Aori handle
  6. P8. Tilt handle, chain hook, foot hook
  7. P9. Shrimp Gold Receiving / Banekan Receiving / Aori Receiving
  8. P10.
  9. P11. Tilt receiving and rope passing
  10. P12. Genuine tilt terminal material, Seiko rack
  11. P13. Seiko Rack Aori Balancer

2. Tool box related parts

  1. P14. Aori Balancer Excellent Stainless Tool Box
  2. P15. Stainless steel tool box / iron tool box
  3. P16. Tool box made of iron and tool box made of FRP
  4. P17.FRP tool box, wooden tool box, tool box stay, other tool box parts
  5. P18. Other Tool Box Parts / Tool Box Hinge
  6. P19. Tool box hinge, chassis U bolt 2t

3. Chassis related parts

  1. P20. Chassis U bolt for 2t ・ Chassis U bolt for 4t
  2. P21. Chassis U bolt for 4t ・ Chassis U bolt for large size
  3. P22. Chassis U bolt for large size / chassis spacer 4t
  4. P23.Chassis spacer Large size, anti-slip bracket

4. Dump parts

  1. P24. Non-slip metal fittings, tailgate hinge 2t, tailgate hinge 4t
  2. P25.Tailgate hinge 4t tailgate hinge large size
  3. P26.Tailgate hinge Large size / Dump hinge
  4. P27. Dump hinge and other dump parts
  5. P28. Other dump parts and door hinges

5. Door and Kannon door related parts

  1. P29. Door hinge
  2. P30. Door hinge and handle set
  3. P31. Handle set / door stopper
  4. P32.Door stopper, handle lock, H rubber
  5. P33.H Rubber / Tokiko Gas Spring / Gas Damper
  6. P34.Tokiko Gas Spring / Gas Damper / Kayaba Gas Spring / Gas Damper

6. Fender related parts

  1. P35.Fender
  2. P36.Fender, mudguard rubber, mudguard stay / sway stopper

7. Various hooks

  1. P37. Mudguard stay / sway stopper, floor frame hook, floor hook
  2. P38. Floor hooks and other hooks
  3. P39. Other hooks
  4. P40.Other hooks

8. Fuel tank related parts

  1. P41.Other hooks and fuel tank caps
  2. P42.Fuel tank cap and fuel tank cock

9. Other bodywork parts

  1. P43. Fuel tank cock, other fuel tank parts, lashing rail, lashing belt, lashing beam
  2. P44. Lashing belt, lashing beam and air line rail
  3. P45.Airline Rail Joroda, AJ Skater Curtain Rail Parts
  4. P46. Curtain rail parts and side bumper related parts
  5. P47. Side bumper related parts, stanchion guide (for transporting steel), terminal rubber
  6. P48.Terminal rubber, door stop rubber, spare tire carrier
  7. P49.Spare tire carrier / chain suspension, ventilator, window frame
  8. P50. Ventilator, window frame, wing parts, pipe bracket, hood receiving pipe, drain hose
  9. P51. Drain hose, muffler pipe, special lock
  10. P52. Special rivets, special bolts, number stay related parts for vehicle inspection

10. Various lamps

  1. P53. Number stay related parts for inspection
  2. P54.Highlight
  3. P55.Vehicle high light
  4. P56.Height lights, interior lights, side lamps, back lamps
  5. P57. Side lamp, back lamp
  6. P58. Back lamp / Marker lamp
  7. P59. Marker lamp
  8. P60. Marker lamp and marker stay
  9. P61. Marker stay, vehicle high light stay, working lamp
  10. P62. Working Lamp / Sign Light (Andon) Related Parts
  11. P63. Sign light (Andon) related parts, number lamps, stop lamps, JB tail lamps 2 and 3 related parts

11. Tail lamp

  1. P64.JB Tail lamp double and triple related parts
  2. P65.JB Tail lamp 2 stations, 3 stations related parts ・ Koito tail lamp 2 stations, 3 stations related parts
  3. P66.Parts for Koito Tail Lamp 2 and 3
  4. P67. Koito tail lamp 2 and 3 related parts
  5. P68. Koito tail lamp 2 and 3 related parts ・ ICL tail lamp 2 and 3 related parts
  6. P69.ICL tail lamp 2-unit, 3-unit related parts, JB tail lamp only
  7. P70.JB tail lamp unit / tail lamp repair parts
  8. P71.Tail lamp repair parts

  9. 12. Cab switch

    1. P72.Tail lamp repair parts ・ Switch UD in JB cab, for Isuzu (4t, large)
    2. P73.JB cab switch UD, for Isuzu (4t, large), JB cab switch for Hino (4t, large), JB cab switch, for Hino Dutro (2011-)
    3. P74. Switch in JB cab For Hino Dutro (2011-) · Switch in JB cab Fuso (4t, large)
    4. P75. For switch Fuso large in JB cab (from May 2017) ・ For switch Fuso canter in JB cab (from November 2010)
    5. P76. Switch for Fuso Canter in JB Cab (From November 2010)-Parts for Switch in JB Cab-Tail Socket

    13. Electrical repair parts

    1. P77. Tail socket switch, alarm, buzzer, pilot lamp
    2. P78. Crimp terminal, socket, fuse
    3. P79. Fuse, automotive wiring code, danger sign, high pressure gas sign

    14. Display board

    1. P80. High pressure gas sign, poison sign, name plate, other display board, sign holder, rear reflector
    2. P81. Rear reflector / reflector / reflector / track wheel stopper / pawl

    3. 15. Truck supplies and others

      1. P82. Truck wheel stopper / pawl
      2. P83. Outrigger base (slab), platform, number frame
      3. P84. Sealing material, wax, non-slip tape, fire extinguisher related parts

      4. Information on dealings with Yamada Body Works

        1. P85. Yamada Body Works Catalog Transaction Conditions
        2. P86. For sale with Yamada Body Works ・ Paid Information
        3. P87. Regarding credit sales with Yamada Body Works ・ Paid transaction flow ・ Paid usage conditions
        4. P88. For sale with Yamada Body WorksPaid application form
        5. P89. Yamada Body Works FAX Order Form (for catalog)