Material // Iron dimensions // Arm length: 260mm, Aori bracket protrusion amount: 27mm, Weight: 9.23kg
Specifications // Installation conditions: Aori stepped amount 0-40mm

Seiko rack body (single unit).
In the case of normal hinge tilt and reverse hinge tilt that does not have the problem of full width limitation, the normal type is generally used.
* This is a minor change of "Seiko Rack Main Unit SRC (48781) Normal Type". The appearance of the arm and the tilt bracket are different, but the mounting dimensions (hole pitch) are the same, so they can be replaced as they are.

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Spring selection condition table




SRC550 + auxiliary SP

Adjustment point A A A

Tilt load conversion moment (kg.m)

24-30 38-50 60-73

Tilt specifications and adaptive tilt length

Code Material / structure Height (mm) Unit weight (kg / m) Seiko rack SRC type tilt length per piece (m)
(1) wooden 400 18 18 6.0-7.5 × ×
(2) (1) + 400H (with auxiliary tilt) 400 + 400 18 + 10 2.3-2.9 3.7-5.0 6.1-7.5
(3) wooden 450 twenty two 4.4-5.5 7.0-9.6 ×
(Four) (3) + 450H (with auxiliary tilt) 450 + 450 22 + 12.5 1.7-2.1 2.6-3.7 4.3-5.4
(Five) Aluminum block 800 14 4.0-5.1 6.4-8.5 10.5-12.0
(6) 1000 17 17 2.7-3.3 4.2-5.8 6.8-8.3
(7) 1200 20 1.9-2.4 3.0-4.2 4.9-6.1
* Reference value: Lashing rail unit weight 3 (kg / m)

[ About Seiko rack model selection ]
Please see the table.
Please check the three points of the tilt material / structure of the truck, the tilt height, and the tilt length.
Select the item that meets the conditions from the left column (1) to (7) from the tilt material / structure and tilt height.
Select the spring that intersects with the "model (combination)" in the table from the tilt length.

Example : 4t standard body (without crane), installation conditions: normal hinge, tilting step amount 0mm, floor frame height 100mm
○ Tilt material / structure: Aluminum tilt ○ Tilt height: 800mm
○ Tilt length: L = 6.2M

will do. From the installation conditions, the main body is SRC (48782).
Select item (5) from the tilt material / structure and tilt height. Since the tilt length is about 6.4 to 8.5M, the spring selection is SRC550.
(If the tilt length is the boundary, it is safer to select a strong spring.)

* If a steel lashing rail is installed, the unit weight per 1M will increase by 3kg. In the case of the above example, select item (6) from the unit weight. From the tilt length, I think that SRC550 + auxiliary spring is good for spring selection.

[ Example of using Seiko Rack SRC type] Installation image on a wooden finished tilt made by a manufacturer ]
Example of using Seiko Rack SRC type Installation image on a wooden finished tilt made by a manufacturer

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