Material//Iron Dimensions//Weight: 1.088kg
Dimensional drawing // Dump intermediate bracket for 2t, 4t New plated pin・PDF dimensional drawing of pin reception
Surface treatment//Body: Black paint, Pin: Plating, Pin holder: Fabric specification//For 2t, 4t dump trucks, plated pins/pin reception

[ Introductory video on how to install the new plated pin and pin reception for 2t and 4t intermediate metal fittings for dump trucks (5 minutes 14 seconds/with music)]

A thorough explanation of how to install the new plated pins and pin reception for dump intermediate fittings 2t and 4t. We will explain step-by-step how to use the mounting jig for dump intermediate fittings and how to install the attached pin receiving pipe .

【Description of item】
It is installed under the dump rear tilt. This is a part that prevents the tilt from falling even when the upper support lock is opened and dumped up.
*The tailgate will not open properly unless the axis of the automatic claw shaft and the axis of this product pin are aligned. be careful
The price is for one.

pin and pin receiving pipeThe state where the pin is stored in the pin receiving pipe
[Pin and pin receiving pipe] [When the pin is stored in the pin receiving pipe]

* A pipe for storing the pin is included in the kit.
As shown in the image, it can be stored smoothly without too much play or too tight. In addition, the tip is cut to a length that can be bent, so it will not fall off easily even if it bounces while driving.

plated pin
[plated pin]

* The pins are plated.
Conventional pins were made of fabric (still made of iron), so even if they were painted, they had the disadvantage of being prone to rust after multiple uses. The pin is newly plated, so it is less likely to rust than conventional products.

[Specification change history]
■April 6, 2018: 〇Pin receiving pipe is included ■November 5, 2020: 〇The surface of the pin is plated

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