Dimensions//Diameter: φ65, Depth: 53mm, Wiring length: 300mm (red/pink/blue/black), Weight: 0.12kg
Specifications // Operating voltage: DC10-32V, Sound pressure: 80-95dB (70-85dB when reduced sound), Reverse alarm + Lupin the Third theme, Waterproof and dustproof rating: IP65 equivalent, Additional functions: Sound reduction

[Product Introduction]
This is an electronic buzzer for vehicles that can be used in cars and trucks. It includes the backing warning "Backing up, please be careful" and the theme of Lupin the Third . Depending on the wiring, you can use either one. You can also connect it to the tail lamp switch to reduce the sound at night . It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as backing warning for wing trucks, dump trucks, and special vehicles. It is a type that can be used for both 12V and 24V.

【Product Features】
●Includes reverse warning "Backing up, please be careful" and the theme from Lupin the Third.
●Can be installed on 12V and 24V vehicles.

●Do not use strong water pressure, such as with a high-pressure washer.
●Do not disassemble.
●Make sure to secure it firmly.
●Cannot be modified.

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