Material: Steel: STK (square pipe section), SS400 (lower plate section)
Dimensions // Guide inner dimensions: 77 x 77 mm, height: 200 mm, plate thickness: 4.5 mm, hole diameter: 25 mm, weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions // Stanchion guide body for lifeline support poles 4.5 x 75 x 75 x 200 mm PDF dimensional drawing
Surface treatment // Cathodic electrocoating
Specifications // For use with 75 x 75 mm square pipes for preventing falls from truck beds

【Description of item】
This is a stanchion guide for installing stanchion lifeline posts to prevent accidents involving falls from trucks. Install this product on the bed of a truck, insert the stanchion lifeline posts, stretch the lifeline and hang a safety harness on it. This is an essential product for preventing falls during loading and unloading work in the land transport industry.

[ Installation example of truck support pole for stanchion lifeline ]
Installation example of truck support pole for stanchion lifeline

* When using this product, be sure to properly insert the dedicated stanchion lifeline support and use it in combination with the lifeline and safety belt.
* When using with a crane (Unic vehicle), please be especially careful when operating the crane as it will enter the boom's rotation area.
* Do not use this product for any other purpose or application.

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