Iron slide 3-step step Noboru-kun

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Iron slide 3-step step Noboru-kun
Iron slide 3-step step Noboru-kun
Iron slide 3-step step Noboru-kun

Iron slide 3-step step Noboru-kun

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Material // Iron SS400
Dimensions // When in use / Height: 433 x Width: 458 x Depth: 980 mm, Weight: 10.0 kg
Dimensional drawing // PDF dimensional drawing of Noboru-kun with 3 steps of stainless slide
Surface treatment // Trivalent chromate plating specification // Load capacity: 100 kg, retractable step

【Description of item】
A retractable slide step that assists in getting on and off the truck bed. It is an indispensable product for safe operation and safety measures of trucks to prevent falling accidents when going up and down the loading platform. The steps are uneven to prevent slipping. Since it is retractable, it does not take up space when not in use. This product is made of iron and is inexpensive.

[ Image and precautions when storing Noboru-kun in 3 slide steps ]
Image and precautions when storing Noboru-kun in 3 steps of slides

[ Slide 3-step step Noboru-kun installation image ]
Installation image of Noboru-kun with 3 slide steps

[Precautions for installation]
* When installing Noboru-kun, a 3-step slide step, under the floor of the side tilt, the slide step interferes with a truck with a high tilt, so it cannot be installed. Please consider the design thoroughly from the drawings.
* A caution sticker is included to alert you. Please use it by pasting it.

[Precautions for use]
* When ascending or descending to the loading platform, hold your foot on the loading platform while holding the handle, etc., and be sure to secure three-point support with your hands and feet.
* When storing, be sure to lock it with the pop-out prevention stopper.
* Please use within the load capacity.

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* This product is backordered.
* This product cannot be returned. please note that. ⇒Cancellation / Return

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