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Yamada Body Works Catalog 2018

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Yamada Body Works Catalog 2018

Yamada Body Works Catalog 2018

Item #: 3001007

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◆ Please read carefully

Yamada Body Works Catalog 2018, FREE! is. Although it is indicated as 1 yen by the specification of the system, please do not worry because it does not actually hang.
※ In the case of requesting catalog only, there are no shipping fees or fees etc that will be displayed in the specifications of the system .

【Yamada Body Works Catalog 2018 Information】
The comprehensive catalog "YAMADA BODY WORKS CATALOG 2018" covering track body parts, truck mounted parts, and dump parts that Yamada Body Works is introducing is completed!

The feature of this catalog is that it fully interlocks with the system of Yamada Body Works. With the QR code attached to each item, you can access the target product with a smartphone by one shot. Truck Inspection and Maintenance Factory is able to order and estimate parts on the spot if there is this catalog and smartphone when repairing the truck for visiting the factory in the factory without a personal computer or going to the shipping company is!
The new Yamada Body Works catalog QR code can now be read with iPhone iOS 11 or later standard camera. I made a setting method for reading the QR code of the catalog and a page to guide the animation actually loading the QR code on the iPhone. Please see from here.

Yamada Body Works catalog QR code can be read with iPhone camera

【Features of Yamada Body Works Catalog 2018】

  1. All 81 pages. With rich information volume, you can use it as a dictionary of track body parts, truck mounted parts, dump parts.
  2. Yamada Body Works system and catalog to link the way to use pages .
  3. We have set up guidance and application form for customers who wish to sell credit .
  4. It is with "table of contents" "heading" that the target product is easy to find.
  5. If you copy the FAX special order form at the end of the book, you can also order by FAX.

* The information in this catalog is current as of June 1, 2018 . As prices, specifications, products etc. may be changed, be sure to check the latest information on WEB when placing an order .
※ If you only wish to obtain the catalog, we will ship by e-mail facilities.
※ Catalog will be one copy per person.
※ If you only wish to obtain the catalog, please do not select credit settlement.

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