Quick metals, arms and other quick parts

"Quick" is a brand of dump automatic sheet racks for preventing scattering of earth and sand sold by Tamura Sogyo Co., Ltd. It has a sales record of about 45 years (first released in 1976) and is used in a wide range of vehicles from small dump trucks to large dump trucks.

This category sells "quick" repair arms, metals and grease nipples.

A quick is a scattering prevention device attached to the loading platform of a dump truck.

"Quick" is the product name of a device that prevents scattering of loaded earth, sand, gravel, etc., attached to the top of the tilting on the side of the dump truck. A sheet surrounded by an iron pipe frame is attached to the top of the tilting, and a device installed between the driver's cab and the cargo bed of the dump truck covers the inside of the cargo bed by covering the sheet so that the load such as earth and sand scatters. to prevent "Quick" can automatically open and close this seat without getting in and out of the driver's seat.

Scattering prevention devices are an important component for dump trucks, as there is a risk of traffic accidents if earth and sand spill out while the truck is in motion.

Such anti-scattering equipment for dump trucks is sometimes called "Cobolane", but Cobolane is the trade name of a similar anti-scattering equipment manufactured by Nakahan Jidosha Kogyo. "Quick" is now commonly used on dump trucks.

Anti-scattering devices are also called "automatic sheet hangers", "automatic opening and closing sheets", and "dump sheets".

Selling quick arms and metal

Yamada Body Works sells quick repair parts for E10F type (for 2t dump trucks) and E18F type (for 4t dump trucks).

The E10F type quick is compatible with the "V-shaped arm 4V-400" and the "V-shaped metal 4V-22" that can be used as a set. "V-shaped metal 4V-22" has a structure in which a grease nipple cannot be attached.

The E18F type quick is compatible with "V-type arm 5V-500" and "V-type metal V-22" that can be used as a set. The "V-type metal V-22" can be attached with an optional grease nipple, and grease can be injected using a grease pump or the like.

Not only can it be used as a repair part, but it can also be applied as a manual dump sheet hanging part. Please select the arm and metal according to the size of the frame of the manual seat holder to be installed.

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