Number stay related parts for vehicle inspection, inscription type license plate

It is legally obliged to attach the license plate to the number stay and license lamp so that it can be easily seen in order to identify the vehicle and identify the owner of the vehicle.

In this category, we handle number stays, number lamps, and light type number plates that are compatible with vehicle inspections.

What is a letter light type license plate?

In 1970, in order to improve the visibility of the license plate in the snow country, the light type license plate was approved for ordinary cars for the first time in Hokkaido, and after that it became available nationwide. In 2002, light vehicles were also approved. When it was first approved, it seems that it was used for the purpose of melting snow with the heat emitted by the lighting, but now the lighting has changed to LED and the original purpose has been lost. However, a vehicle equipped with a character-type license plate has good rear visibility in conditions such as nighttime, snow, and fog, and helps prevent rear-end collisions.

The letter light type license plate handled by Yamada Body Works is a product of Inoue Kogyo. Inoue Kogyo is the only manufacturer that has LED type license plates for all types of license plates, from minicars to ordinary cars, 24V small/medium-sized cars, and large-sized cars. It is equipped with a constant voltage circuit that responds to noise countermeasures and changes in battery voltage, so it can be used for a long time. Of course, all products are compliant with vehicle inspection, so you can wear them with confidence. When purchasing, be sure to check the size of the vehicle (for trucks, small/medium-sized or large-sized vehicles) and power supply voltage.

Pay attention to the installation that involves moving the number stay

The license plate is strictly stipulated by law in order to visually recognize and identify the number.

Since the truck bed is equipped with a bodywork, it is not always possible to install the license plate at the position of the genuine license plate. Examples include mounting a tow truck, recessed taillights, or installing a special liftgate. In such a case, it may be possible to move the genuine number stay that has passed the illuminance test, but in many cases it is necessary to replace the number stay.

Vehicles newly registered before September 15, 2020 were required to have license plate stays that passed illumination tests and license plate lamps.

However, vehicles newly registered (including second-hand and new) after September 15, 2020 (postponed from June 15, 2020) are required to be equipped with license plate lamps that meet the ECE R-4 standard. . The ECE R-4 standard is a regulation related to automobiles issued by the European Economic Commission (ECE), which stipulates standards such as the brightness of license plate lamps. As a result, number stays can no longer be registered unless they have passed the illuminance test in combination with a number lamp that meets the ECE R-4 standard.

The number stays and number lamps for vehicle inspections sold by Yamada Body Works conform to the new standards from September 15, 2020, so you can purchase with confidence. However, when replacing the genuine number lamp with the LED number lamp sold by our company, since we have not conducted an illumination test with the genuine number stay, it must be replaced with the vehicle inspection compatible number stay sold by our company as a set. not.

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