Sliding tape 50 × 5000 mm black

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Sliding tape 50 × 5000 mm black

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Material // Surface abrasive grain: Aluminum oxide, Base material: PVC, Adhesive agent: acrylic synthetic resin dimensions // thickness: 1.4 x width: 50 x length: 5000 mm, about 0.263 kg
Specification // Granularity: # 36, back side tape formula, color: black

〇 You can use it as a slip prevention measure of a slippery surface such as a carrier car, a loading car, a loading platform of a safety loader, a truck, a specially equipped car, a tank lorry step etc. It is a tape type so it is easy construction.

【Precautions on Construction】

  • 1. Construction at rainy weather adversely affects adhesion due to wetting of the construction surface. Do you have sufficient rainwater intrusion countermeasures, or postpone if it can not be done?
  • 2. Please perform it when construction temperature is 10 ℃ or higher. Below 10 ° C, the adhesive strength of the tape decreases. If you really want to do construction, please raise the construction surface (platform and step side) and ambient temperature with a dryer or the like.
  • 3. Please wipe off dirt, dust and moisture on the construction surface completely. If oil is adhering, please clean thoroughly with detergent.
  • 4. Cut the tape lightly cut with the feeling of cutting only the liner paper of the backing paper with the cutter from the back side, and it is easy to cut each two or three degrees from the top. If you cut the corners of the tape round, it becomes harder to peel off after bonding.
  • 5. If you pull it too strongly when sticking the tape, the tape will stretch and unevenness will result in finish and adhesion will drop. Be sure to crimp the tape to make the adhesive strongly adhere to the construction surface. It is effective to remove the air inside to make it more adhered, protect the tape with a thick cloth and then hit it with a rubber hammer.
  • 6. After construction, the adhesive strength of the tape becomes stronger with time. If possible, please cure for 3 days after construction.
  • 7. If you accidentally stick it, peel off one end of the tape slightly with a spatula and gently pull it slowly in the direction of 90 to 180 degrees against the construction surface. Because you are using artificial abrasive, please be careful because there is a danger of injury if you touch direct bare hands or bare feet.

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