Number frame

To improve the design around your license plate, install a license frame. The number frame has different characteristics depending on its shape, size, thickness, etc.

Number frame effect

The effect of the number frame is not only to decorate the number, but also to prevent the number from bending and to prevent injuries due to contact. Large trucks are larger than passenger cars, and because they travel longer distances, they are more susceptible to wind and outside influences, and it is not uncommon for trucks to bend or deform.

If you leave a bent or deformed license plate, you may get injured by touching sharp parts during car washing or maintenance. Therefore, let's install a number frame not only for dress-up purpose but also for safety improvement.

Mounting standard of number frame

Until now, Article 19 of the Road Trucking Vehicle Law stipulated only that "the number must be displayed so that it is easy to see." However, due to the new standards, the width and thickness of the number frame for vehicles newly registered (including second-hand new) after October 1, 2021 (changed from April 1, 2021) There is a clear standard for size, so you have to check it in advance.

Specifically, the width is 10 mm or less at the top, 18.5 mm or less at the left and right, and 13.5 mm or less at the bottom, and the thickness is 6 mm or less at the top (10 mm or less if the width at the top is 7 mm or less), and the left, right, and bottom are 30 mm or less and fall off. There is no risk of doing so.” You may not be able to use the large number frames that have been used so far, so be careful when purchasing.

In addition, a fixed number is set for the license plate angle (up and down, left and right). It is already prohibited to install a transparent cover that covers the display part of the license plate and to fold or rotate the plate. Be sure to install it according to safety standards.

Yamada Body Works has license plates of various sizes, from light trucks to large trucks.

The number frame corresponding to the new standard is a product with the notation of "thin" or "ultra-thin" in the name. In addition, products with this notation are designed not to interfere with the irradiation range of the millimeter wave radar on the front side of the cab. (It may interfere with some vehicles. Please install based on the installation instructions of each vehicle manufacturer. Please check the operation of the radar after installation.) Each product page also includes a dimensional drawing. Since it is posted, you can also check whether it conforms to the new standards.

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