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Trucks with roofs such as wing cars and aluminum vans must be equipped with vehicle height lights to inform surrounding cars of the height of the vehicle while driving. Drift lights come in a variety of colors and must be installed according to safety standards.

Vehicle height lights have safety standards

Vehicle height lights are lamps installed at the upper and lower ends of the vehicle body, and are also called "upper end lights". Basically, the height lights inform the height of the truck, and the width lights inform the width of the vehicle.

The colors that can be used for vehicle height lights are determined by the installation location, and must be installed in accordance with safety standards. Except when used as lights, only white lights are allowed in the front and red lights in the rear. In addition, at night, the amount of light that can be seen from a distance of 300m both in front and behind is required.

Other lights have a brightness of 300 cd (candela) or less, and in the case of "vehicle height lights", colors other than white or red are subject, and there is no ECE standard certification requirement.

Types of car lights

Since vehicle height lights are often used as dress-up parts, various types are sold. Currently, the "LED type" is the mainstream for vehicle height lights, and there are also products that use a "fisheye lens" to further enhance visibility from a distance. Also, "for 24V" and "for 12V" are sold, so be sure not to make a mistake when purchasing.

Yamada Body Works mainly sells "LED type" vehicle height lights. We also have ECE standard certified products for vehicle inspection and various colors as "other lights". Vehicle height lights, which are treated as "other lights", are not ECE certified, so please install them according to safety standards.

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